PADI Advanced

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver diving course is a course to improve the diving technique. This course is for those people who want to progress their skills underwater. The course focuses on learning more about diving techniques in different environments and at Dream Dive we put a lot of emphasis on the 3 basic pillars of diving: buoyancy, trim and propulsion. During the PADI advanced course we will work on techniques that will help you improve your position in the water, allow you to navigate more safely and you will learn to plan and execute your deep dives. The PADI Advanced course is the course that will allow you to enjoy your dives and dive trips more. With this diving course you will obtain a qualification valid for everyone and without expiration. Once the course is finished you will be able to dive autonomously to a depth maximum of 30m.

Do you want to progress? Do you want to dive well? Do you want to control your buoyancy?

To complete the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course you must:
  • Complete 5 theoretical modules of the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. The theoretical part can be done online and there will be a review and a class prior to each dive at the center itself where we will resolve doubts and deepen certain important aspects of diving safety.
  • Complete 5 training dives.
  • Why do the course with you?

    Now you know that diving is your thing and you want to progress. But you also know how you want to dive. Did they tell you about trim and propulsion techniques in your open water diver course? Whether the answer is NO or YES, sign up and rest assured that you will hear it a lot during your PADI Advanced course. We are technical divers and we teach you the same techniques that are used to go deeper than 40 meters. If you are good at going deeper than 60 meters, why not learn it and dive more comfortably and safely?

    We are going to focus on improving your position in the water and that you understand what you are doing. We will answer questions like: what are decompressions? how do you flip back? how do you plan a deep dive? how do you use a long hose and brim?
    We will give you the opportunity to try various materials and configurations so that you can make better decisions in your diving career.

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    The PADI Advanced course has a minimum duration of 3 full days. Although we are very flexible and we can vary the format and do it at the times that work best for you and the number of days that you choose. 

    The minimum age is 12 years. Although we recommend that children have a certain degree of maturity.

    We will dive up to a maximum depth of 30 meters as it will be your limit after certification

    Our instructors dive with a maximum of 4 students at a time. Most of the time we move in ratios of 2-3 people and we achieve that you can dive alone with your partner or your friends.

    All the professionals who teach the scuba diving are accredited instructors with the corresponding licenses

    We focus on your position in the water, your trim and your propulsion. We focus on making you a better diver. You can also try several configurations to decide which one best suits you. We do not give courses, we teach them.

    We are not more expensive. Our accommodation packs + diving course are the best price in Tossa de Mar. In addition, we offer lower instructor-student ratios and boat trips. When you finish the course you leave more prepared, which means that if you invest in quality training now you will save in the future

    We are going to use hogartian configuration and wings. Another configuration that will give you more stability and safety in the water. 

    We have a wide variety of adventure dives, including: deep, navigation, nitrox, wrecks, dry suit, night, DPV, fish ID, perfect buoyancy, boat and much more. Remember that you have to choose 5 of them to complete your PADI advanced diving course. If you have doubts, we guide you.

    We have several advanced packs + PADI specialty. For example, advanced with a dry suit or with nitrox certification. Contact us for a personalized response

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    If you do not find what suits you or you want to make another combination, do not hesitate to contact us for more personalized attention. Our accommodation is located less than 5 minutes walk from the diving center, a few meters from the wall of Tossa and less than 100 meters from the sea. We have double, triple or quadruple rooms, all with private bathroom and views of the sea and some of the walls. Accommodation is on a breakfast basis.

    PADI Advanced

    progress in diving

    340 person
    • With certified instructor
    • Maximum instructor-student ratio 1:3
    • online theory



    380 from
    • With certified instructor
    • Instructor-student ratio 1:3
    • online theory
    • 1 night accommodation in Tossa de Mar
    • Breakfast included

    Advanced TOP

    Hogartian configuration and wing apeks

    390 person
    • With certified instructor
    • Instructor-student ratio 1:2
    • online theory
    • equipment included
    • PADI E-card included
    • Hogartian configuration and wing apeks
    • 6 dives (1 extra)

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