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Dive without experience. Maximum group of 4 people. Duration of the activity 3 hours. Inside the water approximately 1 hour.



PADI diving initiation course in Tossa de Mar. Dive up to 12 meters. Duration 1 day and a half.


refreshment course

Do you have a diving degree but do not feel confident with your knowledge? Course to review everything learned


Open water diver PADI

Course to start diving without previous experience. Dive up to 18 meters. Duration 3 days.


PADI Advanced

Course for Open Water graduates or equivalent qualification. Dive up to 30 meters. Duration of 2 days and a half.


specialty dry suit

Course for Open Water graduates or equivalent qualification. Confined water session + 2 dives

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deep diving specialty

Course for Advanced graduates or equivalent qualification. Dive up to 40 meters. 4 dives


PADI rescue course

Course for Advanced graduates or equivalent qualification. Learn to manage your dives. Minimum duration 2 days.



Course for Advanced graduates or equivalent qualification with depth. Introduction to technical diving. Confined water session and 2 dives



Introduction to technical diving. Take the plunge and improve your skills as a deep diver


He works in the world of diving. Your gateway to the life you want. intership options


What is PADI?

PADI is the world's largest diving certifier. PADI began in the 1960s when John Cronin and Ralph Erickson, tired of the industry's lack of professionalism, founded The Professional Association of Diving Instructors. The company's mission was and has been over the years to improve the diving teaching system and make it reach as many people as possible. PADI firmly believes that all of us who know the sea will love it. diving is exploration, it is adventure and it is freedom.
PADI has evolved and has established itself as the most widespread diving teaching model in the world, present in almost all countries through its diving centers and instructors. His courses have become very popular among all levels of divers, from those who enter this exciting world through the Water Diver pen or those who want to explore more and launch into technical diving.

In our diving center we teach the PADI teaching model that is endorsed by years of experience and millions of diving certifications issued. PADI offers standards so that the quality and teaching techniques are the same anywhere in the world, and from here each dive center and instructor gives their personal touch according to experience, training and local conditions. At Dream Dive, you diving center in Tossa de Mar, we share PADI's vision regarding the importance of knowing the sea in order to love it.

Our mission is to become an ambassador of the ocean, a diver capable of protecting the oceans and enjoying their dives. In our diving courses you will learn words like trim, back-finning, helicopter turn and all the techniques used by advanced divers. Because we ask ourselves, if advanced divers use them, why not teach them from the beginning?

We want you to become the best diver you want to be

To achieve this we always work with the smallest groups in the area. DO NOT take your course on your knees in the sand, in an endless line of students waiting for your turn…. Take your diving course with us and we assure you: personalized attention, professionalism, rigorous explanations and fun and lots of laughter.
We practice the SLOW DIVING. We like to teach, we like to dive and that is what we transmit. Our courses are not to cover the file, they are diving courses to learn to dive. In training you don't pass or fail, you learn; so in our slowdiving courses We do not look at how long the immersion lasts, but rather that you learn, that you absorb the concepts and that you enjoy every minute of YOUR DIVING COURSE IN TOSSA DE MAR

Type of diving courses in Tossa de Mar

There are various levels of courses in the PADI teaching model. These are divided into beginner courses, advanced courses and professional courses. And in Dream Dive you can do almost all of them. We tell you a little more about each of them:

Diving initiation course in Tossa de Mar

There are 3 main diving initiation courses: baptism diving, PADI Scuba Diver and PADI Open Water. These three courses allow you to get started in the world of diving, the main difference between them is the duration of the teaching and, once passed, they will certify you to reach a maximum depth of 18 meters. You can start your diving career with any of the 3 diving courses in Tossa de Mar.

Advanced diving courses in Tossa de Mar

If you already have a diving certification and want to progress, you can sign up for one of the advanced PADI diving courses in Tossa de Mar. These courses will allow you different things: dive deeper, use other gas mixtures, improve your diving skills, underwater navigation or wearing a dry suit. We can offer you a wide range of PADI specialties and also the advanced PADI Diver course, which will allow you to dive up to 30m.

Professional diving courses in Tossa de Mar

If what you want is to make your passion a way of life, take the leap and become a PADI Divemaster. This course will allow you to work on your own or in a diving center anywhere in the world. In our center we are always looking for PADI Divemaster candidates and we offer very good conditions so that you can live your dream as we are living it. Do not think about it, contact us and go around the world as a PADI Divemaster.

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