Open water padi diver course

The PADI Open water Diver diving course is a course of initiation to diving. This course is for those people who want to start diving without the need for previous experience. The PADI Open Water Diver is the most popular course for learning to dive. With this diving course you will obtain a qualification valid for everyone and without expiration.

Do you love the sea? Are you looking for different ways to travel the world? Learn to dive with us and become an ambassador of the ocean.

Once the course is finished you will be able to dive autonomously to a maximum depth of 18m anywhere in the world. PADI, the diving certifier with which we certify, is the largest and most recognized worldwide. They will never have any problems to take you out to dive anywhere in the world. 
 To complete the PADI Open Water Diver course you must:
  • Complete 5 theoretical modules of the PADI Open Water Diver course on the online platform
  • Completion of the confined water sessions 1-5 of the Open Water PADI course
  • Complete floatation and swimming training
  • Complete open water dives 1 -4
  • Our groups are always small, in your class there will be no more than 3 students. Escape from the mass and do not learn on your knees in the background.
    In our diving center we practice the slowdiving and the ecodiving. Learn to dive in a safe, fun and unhurried way.

    Why do the course with you?

    the diving course PADI Open Water Diver It is an initiation course to diving and for many divers the gateway to this exciting world. As in any formation, the base is very important. If we have a solid base we can improve faster, dive more safely in all environments and save money on courses to fix bad training. And this is what we focus on in our diving courses, we will lay a solid foundation so that you feel comfortable underwater. One of the phrases that many of our students hear when they go diving around the world after one of our initiation diving courses is: "It seems that you have many more dives!".
    Another great advantage is that we have own ship. We are the only diving center in Tossa de Mar that keeps the boat in the water all year round. For this reason, we offer you the possibility of doing some of your open water course outings by boat.

    Apart from quality diving courses, we will offer you a reference diving center where you can go whenever you have questions. We will help you choose the best diving material, not the most expensive, the one that suits you. We are Aqualung Partner Center and we have very special offers for our diving course students.

    Contact to dive

    The Open Water PADI course has a minimum duration of 3 full days. Although we are very flexible and we can vary the format and do it at the times that work best for you and the number of days that you choose. 

    The minimum age is 10 years. Although we recommend that children have a certain degree of maturity.

    We will dive up to a maximum depth of 18 meters as it will be your limit after certification

    The beach kit: towel, swimsuit and flip-flops. The rest of the material we provide. At the end of the activity we have changing rooms with showers and hot water

    Contact us and we will send you a medical questionnaire that will tell you if you can dive or if you need a doctor's approval. Most people can dive.
    Our instructors dive with a maximum of 3 students at a time. Most of the time we move in ratios of 1-2 students per instructor. This is very important so that you learn and you are not watching how others do the exercises. in our courses ALL the mouse is active

    All the professionals who teach the scuba diving are accredited instructors with the corresponding licenses

    Here we will ask you the question: ask how many people will be in your group, if they are going to teach you on your knees or they are going to teach you what neutral buoyancy is, if they are going to take you out by boat... and up to you!

    We are not more expensive. Our accommodation packs + diving course are the best price in Tossa de Mar. In addition, we offer lower instructor-student ratios and boat trips. When you finish the course you leave more prepared, which means that if you invest in quality training now you will save in the future

    Diving courses & packs

    We leave you our most popular offers

    If you do not find what suits you or you want to make another combination, do not hesitate to contact us for more personalized attention.

    Our accommodation is located less than 5 minutes walk from the diving center, a few meters from the wall of Tossa and less than 100 meters from the sea. We have double, triple or quadruple rooms, all with private bathroom and views of the sea and some of the walls. Accommodation is on a breakfast basis. 

    Open Water PADI

    Initiation to diving

    375 person
    • online theory
    • Maximum instructor-student ratio 1:3
    • equipment included
    • PADI E-card included
    • Diving insurance included during the course

    Open Water ALL INCLUSIVE


    400 from
    • online theory
    • Instructor-student ratio 1:3
    • 2 nights accommodation in Tossa de Mar
    • Breakfast included
    • equipment included
    • Photos and video
    • PADI E-card included
    • Diving insurance included during the course

    Open Water Experience

    Open water course + 2 outings voucher

    420 person
    • online theory
    • Instructor-student ratio 1:3
    • Diving equipment included
    • PADI E-card included
    • Photos and video
    • Annual diving insurance
    • 2 boat trips

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