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Discover Scuba Dive


Discover Scuba Dive

Discover scuba dive Tossa de mar


Have you ever wondered how it’s like to breathe underwater? Would you like to enjoy the experience to swim with shoals of fish? The Discover Scuba Dive is for you. You don’t need to have any previous experience to enjoy your first scuba dive lesson.  This is an activity for everybody, the only prerequisite is to be older than 10 years. In our dive shop at Tossa de Mar, you can enjoy your Discover Scuba Dive with a professional, fun and reliable team.  We love what we do and we always welcome you with a big smile.

what you will do in your discover scuba dive?

Steps of your Discover Scuba Dive:

  • The briefing, we will explain to you all the techniques and safety procedures that you must to know before to hit the water. This section will take part in our facilities close to the beach and located close to shops and restaurants. Your instructor will take the time to answer all the questions that you might have and make sure you feel confident before to enter the water. Our focus is to make sure that you enjoy your Discover Scuba Dive in Tossa de Mar.
  • Skills in shallow water.  Just at the start, we will do some easy safety skills. We focus on small groups and one to one tuition. Your first Discover Scuba Dive in Tossa de Mar will be a shore dive, that’s an ideal situation. Shore dive lets to you get into the scuba diving at your rhythm, no pressure just dive and enjoy.
  • Open water dive, when the proper fun starts. Tossa de Mar is the best location at Costa Brava to do your Discover Scuba Dive. Our exclusive entry point lets us achieve the depth that you feel comfortable with and, because we work in small groups, we can focus on each diver. Also, you will see lots of fish and you will enjoy our warm and crystal waters. You might see: moray eels, starfish, breams, rays, octopus, cuttlefish and much more
    caballito de mar bautizo buceo

The Discover Scuba Dive takes around 3 hours. When you finish your dive you can take a shower and have a brew with us if you like

We always work in small groups and we focus on each diver needs. Enjoy your dive and help to protect what we all love, our sea.

FAQ about Discover Scuba Dive

How long will be in the water?

The activity takes around 3 hours. In the water, we will be around 1 hour

I have no experience at all, is that for me?

Yes, this an introductory level and you don’t need any previous experience. Also, you don’t need to be a super swimmer

what depth are we going to dive?

The maximum is 12 metres. But all depends on sea conditions, group skills and safety procedures. We are really lucky that our dive site allows us to change the depth if we need we will still see lots of fish anyway.

Minimum age?

Because we do the Discover Scuba Diving Program form PADI (the biggest diving agency in the world) the minimum age is 10 years. We stick to the standards and don’t bend the rules,

I have asthma, I have ear problems, I have… Can I dive?

Contact us! We will answer your questions individually, each person is different so needs different answers. But bear in mind, most of the people can dive.

I’m already a diver, can I join someone else?

Yes. We have special deals for certified divers who bring to us newbies

From 45€
Discover Scuba Dive
Discover Scuba Dive in Tossa de Mar. No previous experience required. Small groups and one to one tuition. Ask for our group deals

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